Mini Denim Frill Gilet Jacket

Mini Denim Frill Gilet Jacket

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Magnificent denim gilet for girls that stand out for feminine and sophisticated style, balancing the classic rebel and urban touch of this garment. The chic details are the ruffles that crown the shoulder area and as casual features, the rivets that are located in the upper left part are striking. We talk about details like fashion glasses and inscriptions like "BAM!", "I NEED COFFEE" or "IT'S OK." This denim vest is made of denim fabric and has the classic metallic buttons distributed around the pockets and the fastening of the garment. In addition, in certain areas of the front and back the traditional worn effect is applied.

  • Age - 1 to 2, 92 CMS
  • Material: 99% Cotton, 1% Elastane 
  • 30 Degree Wash